The Rcons’ core team comprises of fifteen members which oversee and control a wide network of highly qualified associates.

Research Process

The goal of a research endeavour is to establish novel facts or to develop methods for the advancement of human knowledge.


RCons' established network of associates across Pakistan allows us to operate successfully in the remotest of locations.

Hello and welcome to Rcons.

We are a Research Consultancy firm taking pride in providing one of the most efficient and comprehensive research survey services in Pakistan. Our broad range of served sectors include academia, NGOs, public policy organizations and other groups working in the areas of Economic and Human Development in Pakistan.

Rcons aims to redefine the boundaries of social sector research by emphasizing a strong need towards modernization and innovation in research methods. Our work has facilitated organizations in building accurate and robust systems for monitoring and evaluation of trends in socio-economic, political and commercial spheres.

The company boosts a country wide network with strong presence in all the four major provinces of Pakistan. This has allowed us to effectively partner with both local and international organizations such as The World Bank, LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences), National Rural Support Program and Children’s Resource International to name a few.

Our team consists of twenty five regular employees with a network of over five hundred field workers spread across various districts of Pakistan. Each member of our dedicated team is proactively geared towards the maintenance of quality and excellence in our work. At Rcons we believe in employing the best analytical tools and techniques to deliver authentic information and accurate reports to our clients in their research efforts.